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Business Energy supports: Budget 2023

Find out more at Energy supports for business - DETE (

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment’s Budget package is designed to help

businesses of all sizes with their rising energy costs and to make them more sustainable through longer and medium-term investments.

While the schemes are currently in development, you’ll find more detail below about their eligibility criteria and how they will be administered. The schemes will be publicised when they are open for applications in the coming months. 

Direct supports €1.25 billion Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS)

The Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS) ( will assist businesses with their electricity or natural gas (energy) costs during the winter months. The scheme will be open to businesses that:

  • are tax compliant

  • carry on a Case I trade or Case II profession (including certain charities and approved sporting bodies in relation to certain income) and

  • have experienced a significant increase of 50% or more in their natural gas and electricity

average unit price between the relevant bill period in 2022 and the corresponding reference

period in 2021 Revenue will administer the scheme, which is being designed to be compliant with the European Union (EU) State Aid Temporary Crisis Framework. This means that EU Commission approval will be required for the scheme before any payments can be made to businesses.

Information on the scheme is available from Revenue. More detailed information will be published in the coming weeks, including on how businesses can submit claims via an online portal.

€200 million Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme

Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme

Small Firms Investment in Energy Efficiency Scheme

The Small Firms Investment in Energy Efficiency Scheme will provide a grant through the Local

Enterprise Office (LEO) network to companies to encourage investment in energy efficiency

technologies or processes that reduce carbon emissions and overall energy costs. The scheme will follow on from the LEO Green for Micro Scheme which currently provides advice and technical support to firms on energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint.

The new scheme will open in 2023 and will be administered by the Local Enterprise Offices. Energy supports for business - DETE (

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